I don’t say…

I see how hurt you are,

I see your pain, yet standing there…

In relentless love and slight rain,

I wish I could take it all away.

I don’t say…

I notice you, looking all broken,

shattered and hopeless,

I want to pick up the pieces,

and glue them back.

Irrespective, of how I would cut myself,

I watch you withering away.

I don’t say.

I think and never tell,

I love but never show…

I believe but not quite,

I try but never help…

I look but never see,

I hear but never listen…

I miss you so often, it hurts.

I don’t say.

You make excuses, for the way,

I never am there when you need me.

Maybe, she is busy, she is away.

Maybe she still loves me,

oh darling, I do…

But there are no more excuses,

for I never come to you.

I see you dying, a little at a time.

I don’t say.

I hope someday, when the wind slows down,

and becomes more like a breeze,

when flowers’ fragrance is stronger than the day,

the earth feels a little more soft,

and your smile takes the gloom away.

I will still be standing, watching you,

loving you, breathing you in.

Yet, I won’t say…