The e=mc2 story

So everybody knows how Einstein waited for 10 years to prove his energy mass theory. I am not going to go in and tell everyone how they should stick to their guts for as long as they are not proven wrong face first. I will also not talk about education, its importance non importance, or the importance of a curious mind. I am going to talk about the fact that  the whole theory  was a hunch. He waited ten years on a hunch because the numbers were matching. It could as easily be wrong. He guessed! HE GUESSED! It was a good guess,no doubt but a guess nevertheless. I wonder if he lay at nights, sleepless having nightmares about it all being wrong and the world laughing in his face. I wonder if he would’ve shot himself if he had to face that embarrassment. I would’ve. What I don’t understand is the faith, the absolute faith which just let him hold on. One could call it arrogance too, he was too proud to think he was wrong. Either ways, he was right and he got a place in history and eventually in our science books.

The stakes of the experiment were too high, one would say, Or, were they? Let’s step back, relax and think about this. Had Einstein failed, the world would still have an unanswered question, which means the purpose of Einstein’s life was still unfulfilled(or so to speak). He would have gone back and tried idea #2. I mean think about it, nobody spends ten years in hope of a successful experiment without a plan B, or C even D. In fact, I think he had this unbelievable , infallible faith in his theory because he took ten years to disprove his own work, coming up with reasons why something didn’t fit. Why Plan B was not as good as e=mc2. He was just waiting to see if it fails, what parameter did he leave behind. I feel Einstein could  probably have been a little disappointed when the experiment didn’t fail and he had nothing to figure.

You must be wondering why I am bringing this up, where is the epiphanic thought intended for this post. Well, I have been going through an existential crisis. Everything is good, in fact according to some, I have nothing more I can ask for. However, I feel unfulfilled. I feel I am not using myself for the potential I am meant. Where is my e=mc2. If I ever make a guess will I have the power to stand by it without feeling pressurized to change my opinion because well its just a guess. When I heard Einstein’s story. Twas not about how he was dedicated, it was about how he could take a guess with the same conviction as though he had proven it already. It doesn’t show me genius but courage to be able to guess and then accept the fact that it can be wrong…but what if, it’s not. This ‘what if’ has changed lives! so take a chance, make a guess! Find your e=mc2, and be the next well…you!

The problem is we take a chance and we want it to work almost immediately and when it does not, we start losing faith. We start imagining our doom and take the next chance before we give it a chance to materialize. Confused? I am too. Einstein waited ten years for a chance, a guess to work out. Let’s take my example. I made a decision almost a year and a half ago; to leave the comfortable life I led in a multi national as a mediocre employee and register myself as a student for my masters. Now, just after a year, I feel I am not doing anything much different than what I was back home. In fact, I think I have gone back two years now. I felt mad at myself, angry at the decision of wasted time and more importantly money. Then I came across this story, and I thought wow, what if Einstein took another chance and told everyone not to waste time on it. It was probably wrong. He would be so mad at himself later, when it was proved right. It’s simple. Explore every opportunity, and keep your eyes open for more. Nothing is a mistake. Everything teaches you something, so its vital we do that. I am going to tell you exactly what I decided for myself. Give it time to work out, disprove your theories and remind yourself why did you make that guess in the first place.

Everything you do is an important chapter in the story of life… Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or be curious! If you do…don’t be afraid to try to answer it and then stand by your answer until proven otherwise. The world owes you that!


A Walk down the memory lane

We often want to bask in the glory of that day when we sit back, and relax, think of the old days and curse the future…the time slice slipping off our hands and never getting what we truly want. Complaining of the present and wishing the past…okay, slightly too poetic for a Tuesday afternoon…?

Well, after the Monday I had, it had to be so! Went to my old school, and when I say old… I mean ages! yes, the classrooms where we laughed and gossiped together. The school canteen, the heart throb music teacher 😛 Everything came flooding back to me. Sat with my principal who was so touched that I came back to see her, but I was the one honored truly…

While she kept talking of the new developments at school, my attention was completely hogged by the two girls sitting outside… (concentration in the class was always my problem :P) I couldn’t understand anything they were talking about, but, I could never miss the hope of dreams in their eyes. Reminding me of those days when I used to dream like that. And what happiness it gives you to feel the presence of those dreams around you, the dreams which you never thought possible.

Going back to school made me feel so special and lovely. Happiness multiplied four times. Thank you everyone who got me here…

Dear 15 year old me

I know this topic has been trending around, and you have seen videos and read passages about it. I tried to do my bit for the society and come up with a new angle. Turns out that is a lost cause and there is no new angle to it. However, While researching for it, I found something else.

Almost every one I interviewed told me a thing or two but something that I heard universally was, “you know what, it doesn’t matter whatever I say, because, I know the 15 year old me wouldn’t listen. Even to me.” I thought about it, and, its true. I wouldn’t have listened to me, when I was 15 years old. I started thinking. Why does it happen? Everyone says that’s teenage. but what is age but a number. We are so confused all the time, and yet, whoever comes up with a solution we defy them. People who we look up to and adore right up to that point seem like our only enemy. And this arrogance, this arrogance of youth flows over borders. There is no correct way, there is no correct environment. If you have got a teenager in your house, build a sturdy roof, and like my mom would say, a sturdy door 🙂

We are at our scariest best in our teens, girls are way more bitter than boys I believe. I guess that’s another discussion altogether. I think that’s the reason this whole girl child issue happened

*Following content is only the result of my imagination. M not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings. It is just a joke, please take it that way*

It was not because parents thought girls would be a burden, it’s because they see a girl in her teenage and OMG, darling, I am sorry but my heart might not survive a girl teenager, let’s tone it down a notch and have a boy huh? huh? 😛

*Joke’s over :P*

All things said and done. After I spoke to about a dozen people who told me their 15 year old would never listen to them, I felt like I owe a massive apology to my parents and the people who I gave a hard time. Thankfully, whatever hormonal imbalance happens in the teenage, is only temporary. you grow up… mostly. If there are any 15 year olds out there reading this, I would say don’t bother…your rage is temporary, make sure the damage you do is temporary too 🙂

PS: If I were to go back and tell my 15 year old self something, I’d say, Dear 15 year old me, wait…wait, it’ll be worth it

Bring out the Writer in you

Sitting and going through my blog, to find inspiration to write something new, I found this post I had started writing…but, maybe, because of some prior commitments or other distractions, I could never finish it.

Funny thing is looks like it must have been a great train of thought, but I am not so sure…so, I am going to put up whatever I had come up with then and let’s see if you guys can finish the story, what could be the story. The text is italicized and responses are welcome.

Who knows you might remind me of what I was going to write…

I used to think that epiphanies happen only in special situations, like a shooting star or a sunset… but, it can happen over a drink with your buddy, or just small talk with a very old friend… Some such thing happened to me lately. Just talking to someone, very close to my heart, I realized just how easy it is to…



Lately I have developed an acute dislike for whiners. Not that I had any soft corner for them before, but these days, I have zero tolerance for them. Nothing against anybody, its just annoying how some people can never be happy. Then again, I think, I shouldn’t be too judgmental, all of us are dissatisfied mostly, so much so, we have started to call it human nature.

So is it? is it human nature to be dissatisfied and unhappy? Because if the answer to the aforementioned question is yes, the world is a very depressing place to live in. Question is do we really never get what we wan’t or are we just expecting too much and then getting disappointed for the same? No, I don’t mean here that we should be happy with what we have or look at what others don’t have…no! That’s a different dimension all together.

What I mean is do we really never get exactly what we desire from the world? In the same size and shape and color and look we wan’t.

Because if we don’t then, honestly, all of us are living a lie. Running towards a future, we have already compromised on. working for a life we know will only satisfy us partially. Even if we have the balls to pursue what we desire, most often than not, we think of the road not taken.

So, maybe the problem is not us expecting more or not knowing when to stop. Problem is defining happiness and expectation and satisfaction.They are called abstract  for a reason.

These feelings are as and when they come, so why are we so afraid of just venturing into them without looking twice to see if something will hit us. How dare we blame our damage on the world when we don’t have the strength of taking life as it comes.

Why are we so busy defining our feelings when we could just live them. Why are we entangled in the white and the black, the yin and yang, when we could just make our presence felt in the lives of those around us.

But, guess, if life was that simple, we’d call it football. Or maybe, simplifying it is a very complicated task in itself, something to ponder upon! 🙂

Thank god :)

Whenever there are new people in my life, i think to myself, “oh man”. the whole getting to know them and gelling with them, is a scary idea, cuz lets face it, I can’t handle rejection. And then you meet somebody who is a great competitor, and worse, might just be better at the social thing.

In case, you are still wondering, that is exactly what happened to me. A very irritating element (or that’s what I thought) entered or rather barged in my life. I hated this new change. He was funny, talked so much in very little time, kept everyone entertained to my dismay. People seemed to like him, but he was just too loud for me. So, I closed myself further (like a touch me not).

But God had other plans. Eventually, when I got to know him, It turned out, I was actually missing out on a lot of things. Every time, he enters the room, its like a firecracker going out. There is no conversation we have that is private, unless we have it in writing, because he is just too loud! 😛

But, if he stops talking, it seems the air around is missing something. So, there might be a ton of things going wrong in my life, but, there is one thing right and I am glad I let our friendship blossom because, life just got easier. 🙂

So thank you!

Welcome Change!

So, I started this job where I have to be at my personal best and I am loving it!  Yea, I know I am suffering from the honeymoon-phase-of-a-job fever, but, I have a feeling I will enjoy it! (fingers crossed)

When you step in the corporate world, you learn a few things, for example, when your HR manager tells you something, she is probably exaggerating it manifolds! Also, when they say they are not here to judge, oh yes! trust me they are! Anyway, this post is not about the dark secrets of job life. It is about something way bigger than petty gossip! It is exactly how much can you love your job and your work place or hate it because of the people around. My team at work has become more like family, even so, because, there are characters that generally make a family, you know the usual, the clown, the imbecile, the ignored and the ignorable, and the much-to-dismay-hard-to-ignore!

What I am trying to say here is we get characters everywhere and probably, it is not that big a deal for my co-workers  and they might just forget me the moment I move on to the next phase! The point is how deeply I have been affected by them. So, as always let me channelize my happy thoughts (or rather just thoughts) in the manner I know best…writing it out here for strangers to read. (I am still waiting for that mental institute to ring me back)

Any who, lets begin with two really adorable ladies in my team, Neelima and Anshika. Well, I have never had an elder sister and after a lot of unanswered calls and not-replied-to text messages to god, he finally sent you two! Honestly, I feel so protected when you are around, and I know it has only been a few weeks but that’s okay, remember that ‘you don’t need a lifetime to know someone‘ shit! So yea… now lets talk about the most active (annoyingly) member of the family! Danish… he is like those toffees you eat which are really tangy sour at first, then when you chew a little more, it turns out sweet! He is exactly like that! ( that’s all the space you are getting man! hehe…) well, he has become an inseparable part of life! Pallavi, love at first sight, looking at her you think to yourself,” I would’ve been like her, had the world not corrupted me! *Devil laugh* ” Apoorva, quiet kid, but intense and very serious when it comes to work (Jai Lance Armstrong!*nervous giggle* ) Now, rushing through some other members of the family, Vinayak, love the way you talk, dude! its like ‘Brahmastra‘ for pataofying chicks! Shrey, great companion and I hate you! (you know why!) Ajitabh, the next Ram Gopal Verma, I don’t understand if all the talented people are working here, who is doing their jobs! If Ajitabh was not a part of our team, our team wouldn’t have been so dramatic! But, It is, sadly!(WHAT THE F(gush of air) IS THIS!)

And, there are so many people, I love you all (except a few) but that’s it, I have to sleep, but I love you nevertheless! you know it, Lakshmi.

And now, our trainer, the first face of HCL(and, apparently a good one), Rakesh. He is by far the coolest guy I have met!(don’t prove me otherwise, now!) The ease with which he amalgamated in our world, making it so believable that he would be our knight in shining armor in HCL, impervious to criticism, rejection at times and at times outright mean(al) looks. Well, I have only one word for you… RESPECT!

So, this is my support group (LMAO).Stay tuned for future posts, where I just might be bitching about either or all of the aforementioned people! Welcome Change!