The e=mc2 story

So everybody knows how Einstein waited for 10 years to prove his energy mass theory. I am not going to go in and tell everyone how they should stick to their guts for as long as they are not proven wrong face first. I will also not talk about education, its importance non importance, or the importance of a curious mind. I am going to talk about the fact that  the whole theory  was a hunch. He waited ten years on a hunch because the numbers were matching. It could as easily be wrong. He guessed! HE GUESSED! It was a good guess,no doubt but a guess nevertheless. I wonder if he lay at nights, sleepless having nightmares about it all being wrong and the world laughing in his face. I wonder if he would’ve shot himself if he had to face that embarrassment. I would’ve. What I don’t understand is the faith, the absolute faith which just let him hold on. One could call it arrogance too, he was too proud to think he was wrong. Either ways, he was right and he got a place in history and eventually in our science books.

The stakes of the experiment were too high, one would say, Or, were they? Let’s step back, relax and think about this. Had Einstein failed, the world would still have an unanswered question, which means the purpose of Einstein’s life was still unfulfilled(or so to speak). He would have gone back and tried idea #2. I mean think about it, nobody spends ten years in hope of a successful experiment without a plan B, or C even D. In fact, I think he had this unbelievable , infallible faith in his theory because he took ten years to disprove his own work, coming up with reasons why something didn’t fit. Why Plan B was not as good as e=mc2. He was just waiting to see if it fails, what parameter did he leave behind. I feel Einstein could  probably have been a little disappointed when the experiment didn’t fail and he had nothing to figure.

You must be wondering why I am bringing this up, where is the epiphanic thought intended for this post. Well, I have been going through an existential crisis. Everything is good, in fact according to some, I have nothing more I can ask for. However, I feel unfulfilled. I feel I am not using myself for the potential I am meant. Where is my e=mc2. If I ever make a guess will I have the power to stand by it without feeling pressurized to change my opinion because well its just a guess. When I heard Einstein’s story. Twas not about how he was dedicated, it was about how he could take a guess with the same conviction as though he had proven it already. It doesn’t show me genius but courage to be able to guess and then accept the fact that it can be wrong…but what if, it’s not. This ‘what if’ has changed lives! so take a chance, make a guess! Find your e=mc2, and be the next well…you!

The problem is we take a chance and we want it to work almost immediately and when it does not, we start losing faith. We start imagining our doom and take the next chance before we give it a chance to materialize. Confused? I am too. Einstein waited ten years for a chance, a guess to work out. Let’s take my example. I made a decision almost a year and a half ago; to leave the comfortable life I led in a multi national as a mediocre employee and register myself as a student for my masters. Now, just after a year, I feel I am not doing anything much different than what I was back home. In fact, I think I have gone back two years now. I felt mad at myself, angry at the decision of wasted time and more importantly money. Then I came across this story, and I thought wow, what if Einstein took another chance and told everyone not to waste time on it. It was probably wrong. He would be so mad at himself later, when it was proved right. It’s simple. Explore every opportunity, and keep your eyes open for more. Nothing is a mistake. Everything teaches you something, so its vital we do that. I am going to tell you exactly what I decided for myself. Give it time to work out, disprove your theories and remind yourself why did you make that guess in the first place.

Everything you do is an important chapter in the story of life… Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or be curious! If you do…don’t be afraid to try to answer it and then stand by your answer until proven otherwise. The world owes you that!


The Glue dried?

I saw this movie yesterday, in which they sold a wonder drug to people, so  you’d get all smart and highly functioning because of it. You could learn languages in a matter of minutes, be the stock market wolf in a matter of days and walk endlessly for hours, just thinking, talking, doing something, not sitting idle. It claimed that this drug helped you achieve a 100% utilization of your brain.

A 100% utilization of your brain…that means you know everything about everything, everything including yourself. They say acid trips are similar, I wouldn’t know because I have never tried it myself, but they say it is quite the same. No 100 % utilization of the brain, just a 100% know how of your inner self. It’s like touching your soul and coming back. The Question here is do you really want to know? Do you really want to know everything about yourself?  Everything you are capable of? I am not; I don’t think I am ready. On the contrary, I am scared to know who the real me is. Human beings are fundamentally selfish. This could do with the fact that we evolved with fighting our way in this world. We had to fight for land from wild animals, take the food they ate and secure a family. We became selfish in the process. I am not saying everyone is selfish or evil. All I am trying to say is we are selfish when it comes to our needs, our defense and our life.  Do you really want to know how selfish you can be? What you are really capable of?

If you ever notice glue, it sticks everywhere, on paper, on plastic, on your fingers, but it never sticks to the bottle. Why is that? It’s because the water content, which keeps it fluid, keeps the glue from sticking to the bottle. Once out, the water evaporates and the glue dries… Do we really want that water to evaporate and look at what the glue can really do?

There is a fine classification between conscious and sub conscious. This line is there for a reason, and should remain so. What happens once we cross this line, what happens once go to the other side of the wall? Are we ready to deal with the white walkers of our mind? It’s too scary. People always say, I want to find myself; I want to know who I really am. Do you? Do you really? What if you are not the flowery colorful picture you painted? What if that’s only your training? What if you really are a monster inside?

Then again, you must become a different person if you go take a real look at yourself, on a sub atomic, sub conscious level.  You find out what you are made of. Your deepest desires, likes and dislikes are all there. Things which matter to you don’t even exist on that floor. It sounds all eerie but fun at the same time. What do you think should the glue dry?

Laughter Bug ?!

So as promised, I am here to write about Indian Stand up comics. Well, as I mentioned in the last entry, it has taken a long time for Indians to look at it as a real thing. It’s one thing to crack jokes at an office party and keep people from snorting drinks out of their noses, and totally another to have a paid gig… When you go up on the stage with a lot of people, who, by the way, paid a lot of money just to see you make them laugh, it is a different ball game altogether.

Please pardon me, but I am not going to talk about Raju Shrivastav or others on Comedy nights/circus because honestly, that has taken the standards way below the bed of pacific. It is literally a circus on the stage, these guys crack the same old jokes and the same old intonations…it is very boring in my view. On the other hand, there is some serious laughing around going on in the country. I have some of my personal favorites and I really think they should be getting a lot more attention than what they are, right now.

Let’s begin with the AIB crew, Tanmay Bhatt, seems like the guy behind the whole thing (I may be grossly mistaken). However, I like his take on things, you know, especially when he talks about Mumbai, you can relate to it. I mean that’s how comedy works right, we are all thinking it but nobody wants to say it. I am not going to discuss the AIB work, because this piece is strictly for Stand up. Moving on, I have taken a particular liking for Abish and Kenny(Kenneth Sebastian). I like them both because they have this boyish charm, and, also because they talk a lot about malayali culture and people (good-to-know-knowledge).

I love the bit where Kenny does the I-am-so-jealous-of-your-Hindu-Gods bit. Its something we have been poking fun at for a long time but it’s still funny. 😛 Abish, on the other hand, likes to talk more, like a conversation. I prefer that, because that gets more real. Plus, you get to see two people at the stage…I really wish he did more of roast kind of stuff.

Moving on, we have kanan gill and Biswa.

I started watching these two because of pretentious movie reviews, it’s kind of cool that they still think it’s worth putting it up there. Kind of like, what I am doing right now…absolutely useless (no body will call this literature) Any way, These guys all have one common trait, they are all very natural. And, to be honest, there is a lot of stuff that can be picked for stand up. I mean, India, literally is a very colorful country. So many people, so many things…it’s really hard to run out of topics.

I am really glad that we finally have a class of people who do real stand up comedy and I sincerely wish these guys make this lifestyle more popular to Indians. I can finally stop watching Russel peters’ reruns and take pride in it. Keep laughing 🙂

Hey mom! Can I be a spaceman!

Hey guys,

Well I believe new year wishes are in order. So, happy new year!! I hope you guys partied really hard and well, had safe sex 😛

Coming to the first post of the year. I thought let’s talk about New year Resolutions. (Just Kidding! We know like Santa Claus) So, moving on, I thought we could talk about these new career prospects in town. yeah, well they are not new so much in the rest of the world but coming to the Indian society, yeah.

I have seen this new trend catching up in the Indian market, refreshing change, might I add. these new jobs are getting  more popular than ever. So I thought, let’s talk about it and who knows, you, yes you, whoever is reading this, gets inspired from it (*fingers crossed*)

So, let’s begin with the most glamorous and seemingly the easiest. BLOGGING. there I said it. there are blogs every where, and on everything(like what new jobs are in town :P). There are travel Blogs, food blogs, random people dissing sitcoms and movies and my personal favorite, scary stories (I recently found something called creepypasta). Anyway, apart from being particularly entertaining,now you can make money out of it. Obviously, like any other show biz idea, it is also very difficult to get really popular…Naah! I am just fooling around, it is actually quite easy unless you talk about some stuff people don’t want to read about (I am going to go in the corner and kill myself now)

Well, I honestly don’t have any clue on how easy it is to make money out of blogging but I hear a lot of people are doing it so, it must be easier than Rocket Science.

That done, let’s move on to the evil step sister of BLOGGING. Youtube-ing, if that’s a word. That my friends, is the new most hip thing in. It’s exactly like Blogging, except that you need a camera and someone to edit and put effects in your video and stuff, and also people get to see your stupid face. It’s definitely way more entertaining, if you know what I mean. But beware, since it takes absolutely zero effort, there are a lot of wannabes out there, just waiting to suck on your time. However, the leeches kept aside, it is not really a bad choice. One it caters to a wider net of audience, and, two, it is very responsive, so, you get like instant feedback. A lot of people who want to get into the entertainment industry are trying this out as their starting platform. People who have really wonderful ideas and don’t get a lot of attention, have taken to uploading videos on youtube, others just do random stuff and get views and likes and dislikes. Its a jungle out there 🙂

Moving on to a very closely related job (PS: I am not sure it gives you a lot, rather, any money) Youtube Haters. This particular genre of people like to go easy on life, and just sit on their behinds to dislike whatever anyone puts up there. If there is a video dissing women, they will put very strong hate comments beneath it, if they show women empowerment, this same set of people will hate it again, for being repetitive. If they  show boys in the dark light, its generalization?!!! Anyway, they hate every thing. Sometimes, I wonder if somebody pays them, you know just to keep the ball rolling.

Lastly, a bug that took a long time to reach India, Stand up Comedy. Now, I love this one so much I have decided to do a separate piece on it altogether. But just to things interesting, I will tell you, this couldn’t have been reality about 10 years ago. If I told my dad, I want to go up on a stage and make people laugh, he would’ve put me up for adoption. But now, people are more accommodating. They actually pay to go watch these nut jobs in action. I think, it is a very nice choice for people who have the wit, because it is very difficult to have Live audience in front of you, NOT laughing at your jokes.

Wow, that’s too long a read, so am gonna wind up now. I think, its great that we are coming to age with the rest of the world, after all, it’s just one life right.