Isn’t it the most difficult task to write about yourself!?? I think it is…isn’t that the reason we have a blog? Anyway, who am I to judge!

Let us see…I love food so it is like the center of my universe. I love reading and I strongly believe that Indian writers are not getting their share of attention. I write as well, apparently! or let me leave that up to you. I am sarcastic in my thoughts and, as you will figure out eventually, my work. So, no offence! these are my thoughts and strictly mine…

In a way,with every writing, invariably, you will know what state of mind, I am in.(Can’t believe I  put this up for strangers to read!!!)

So, sit back and enjoy! Oh! and whatever you think of me, yeah, ok,you can tell me…but it is a waste of time,so, I’d rather…or yea, you can tell me, we can have some fun! (so, I’m cocky as well)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. isn’t it ironic that we have to cloak ourselves in a robe of fiction from not just strangers but even the ones closest to us, although our deepest desire is to be heard, to be understood and to be accepted for what we are? it isn’t even subtle….

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