I don’t say…

I see how hurt you are,

I see your pain, yet standing there…

In relentless love and slight rain,

I wish I could take it all away.

I don’t say…

I notice you, looking all broken,

shattered and hopeless,

I want to pick up the pieces,

and glue them back.

Irrespective, of how I would cut myself,

I watch you withering away.

I don’t say.

I think and never tell,

I love but never show…

I believe but not quite,

I try but never help…

I look but never see,

I hear but never listen…

I miss you so often, it hurts.

I don’t say.

You make excuses, for the way,

I never am there when you need me.

Maybe, she is busy, she is away.

Maybe she still loves me,

oh darling, I do…

But there are no more excuses,

for I never come to you.

I see you dying, a little at a time.

I don’t say.

I hope someday, when the wind slows down,

and becomes more like a breeze,

when flowers’ fragrance is stronger than the day,

the earth feels a little more soft,

and your smile takes the gloom away.

I will still be standing, watching you,

loving you, breathing you in.

Yet, I won’t say…


3 thoughts on “I don’t say…

  1. I Just read the beautiful lines penned by you. The emotions have been brought out so poignantly and it really makes you realize how difficult it would be to hold and stay away.A writer requires relevance and facts all through the writing but with right emotions to strike an impact. I have read several pages where writing is brilliant with apt choice of words but misses the emotions or is not relevant. Here i read a beautiful ,simple yet relevant summary of feelings .. Great going .. Good luck and would love to read more..

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