A Walk down the memory lane

We often want to bask in the glory of that day when we sit back, and relax, think of the old days and curse the future…the time slice slipping off our hands and never getting what we truly want. Complaining of the present and wishing the past…okay, slightly too poetic for a Tuesday afternoon…?

Well, after the Monday I had, it had to be so! Went to my old school, and when I say old… I mean ages! yes, the classrooms where we laughed and gossiped together. The school canteen, the heart throb music teacher 😛 Everything came flooding back to me. Sat with my principal who was so touched that I came back to see her, but I was the one honored truly…

While she kept talking of the new developments at school, my attention was completely hogged by the two girls sitting outside… (concentration in the class was always my problem :P) I couldn’t understand anything they were talking about, but, I could never miss the hope of dreams in their eyes. Reminding me of those days when I used to dream like that. And what happiness it gives you to feel the presence of those dreams around you, the dreams which you never thought possible.

Going back to school made me feel so special and lovely. Happiness multiplied four times. Thank you everyone who got me here…


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