Dear 15 year old me

I know this topic has been trending around, and you have seen videos and read passages about it. I tried to do my bit for the society and come up with a new angle. Turns out that is a lost cause and there is no new angle to it. However, While researching for it, I found something else.

Almost every one I interviewed told me a thing or two but something that I heard universally was, “you know what, it doesn’t matter whatever I say, because, I know the 15 year old me wouldn’t listen. Even to me.” I thought about it, and, its true. I wouldn’t have listened to me, when I was 15 years old. I started thinking. Why does it happen? Everyone says that’s teenage. but what is age but a number. We are so confused all the time, and yet, whoever comes up with a solution we defy them. People who we look up to and adore right up to that point seem like our only enemy. And this arrogance, this arrogance of youth flows over borders. There is no correct way, there is no correct environment. If you have got a teenager in your house, build a sturdy roof, and like my mom would say, a sturdy door 🙂

We are at our scariest best in our teens, girls are way more bitter than boys I believe. I guess that’s another discussion altogether. I think that’s the reason this whole girl child issue happened

*Following content is only the result of my imagination. M not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings. It is just a joke, please take it that way*

It was not because parents thought girls would be a burden, it’s because they see a girl in her teenage and OMG, darling, I am sorry but my heart might not survive a girl teenager, let’s tone it down a notch and have a boy huh? huh? 😛

*Joke’s over :P*

All things said and done. After I spoke to about a dozen people who told me their 15 year old would never listen to them, I felt like I owe a massive apology to my parents and the people who I gave a hard time. Thankfully, whatever hormonal imbalance happens in the teenage, is only temporary. you grow up… mostly. If there are any 15 year olds out there reading this, I would say don’t bother…your rage is temporary, make sure the damage you do is temporary too 🙂

PS: If I were to go back and tell my 15 year old self something, I’d say, Dear 15 year old me, wait…wait, it’ll be worth it