How Should I…

Watching her leave, I realized, I had never,

been successful with her.

I did everything, I possibly could,

flowers, chocolates, all the attention I should

shower on the girl who loved me so dearly.

But I could never mask it, the hint in my eyes,

all the thoughts, mysteries, Questions, Answers, lies…

She knew it, all along, I am sure,

It probably didn’t work, all the lure.

She asked me if out of ten, one thought was mine,

I answered, all thoughts ought to be yours, ah, forgiveness divine.

Each day, every day, she longed for me and hurt herself,

and I like the messenger of doom, satan’s elf…

gave her the sad news of the demise of our love.

love, which was never less, always in abundance,

love regardless of the past or a careless providence,

love shining the most when the darkest,

love screaming out the most when the quietest.

But, alas, I failed in covering up my pain,

giving her hopes in vain…

for my heart lay elsewhere, echoing with another name,

longing for another smile, another glitter in the eye.

How should I bear the loss in her eyes, when…

she sees the loss in mine, searching hope in men.

Searching for a way to comfort me, as though…

I have been the one pained and not she…¬†


I am…

long overdue, here is a piece I have been waiting to share, my first stint at poetry or according to some, more of a rock song.

I may not be the most righteous person here,

But I know right from wrong, grey from white, so you can believe me tonight.

I have not seen the world, nor gained any enlightenment…

I have not experienced the high of success or the low of pain.

I have not felt the joy of dance or the awe of romance,

but I know the smile which travels like darts,

and the bereft look which breaks a million hearts…

They say all world’s a stage and I am a character,

explains a lot actually or maybe my ignorance is a major factor,

I might not be courteous, calm or right,

but I am not blind, I can see whats in plain sight…

I have my opinions, but there is no judgement, no scores,

I can write my own stories, but I wanna listen to yours…

Its disappointing, surprising, mean and messy,

but I guess that’s actually exactly hows it supposed to be…

This night is precious, don’t take it away from me,

because when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll again be ordinary.