November ’13. Small town of South India. Lazy Friday. Lazy me. Manager on leave. team lead on leave. Tremendous work. Lazy me. muhuhahaahaha. phone rings. Invite for an early party. Me so happy. 😀

Dark room. dim lights. Me blind. pitchers of beer. Friends greet me. Me settled.  

Loud music. Dancing. A little singing maybe. Utterly beautiful girl standing right across. My heart beating out of control. Gathered all courage.

“Hello, my name is Mayukh”

“Hi, Simran”.

. “How do you know (holy mother of god, who invited me again?!!!!)…”

Soft laughter.Heart flies. “So how do you know him again”

“I am his(airquotes) cousin…” 


Rest of the night fades away magically. weekend fades away magically. Monday comes black magically. 


Rajiv(my partner in crime…) walks in.

“Dude what did you say to my cousin, she is all gaga over you”


“Simran, you met her at the party…”

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