Lately I have developed an acute dislike for whiners. Not that I had any soft corner for them before, but these days, I have zero tolerance for them. Nothing against anybody, its just annoying how some people can never be happy. Then again, I think, I shouldn’t be too judgmental, all of us are dissatisfied mostly, so much so, we have started to call it human nature.

So is it? is it human nature to be dissatisfied and unhappy? Because if the answer to the aforementioned question is yes, the world is a very depressing place to live in. Question is do we really never get what we wan’t or are we just expecting too much and then getting disappointed for the same? No, I don’t mean here that we should be happy with what we have or look at what others don’t have…no! That’s a different dimension all together.

What I mean is do we really never get exactly what we desire from the world? In the same size and shape and color and look we wan’t.

Because if we don’t then, honestly, all of us are living a lie. Running towards a future, we have already compromised on. working for a life we know will only satisfy us partially. Even if we have the balls to pursue what we desire, most often than not, we think of the road not taken.

So, maybe the problem is not us expecting more or not knowing when to stop. Problem is defining happiness and expectation and satisfaction.They are called abstract  for a reason.

These feelings are as and when they come, so why are we so afraid of just venturing into them without looking twice to see if something will hit us. How dare we blame our damage on the world when we don’t have the strength of taking life as it comes.

Why are we so busy defining our feelings when we could just live them. Why are we entangled in the white and the black, the yin and yang, when we could just make our presence felt in the lives of those around us.

But, guess, if life was that simple, we’d call it football. Or maybe, simplifying it is a very complicated task in itself, something to ponder upon! 🙂