Thank god :)

Whenever there are new people in my life, i think to myself, “oh man”. the whole getting to know them and gelling with them, is a scary idea, cuz lets face it, I can’t handle rejection. And then you meet somebody who is a great competitor, and worse, might just be better at the social thing.

In case, you are still wondering, that is exactly what happened to me. A very irritating element (or that’s what I thought) entered or rather barged in my life. I hated this new change. He was funny, talked so much in very little time, kept everyone entertained to my dismay. People seemed to like him, but he was just too loud for me. So, I closed myself further (like a touch me not).

But God had other plans. Eventually, when I got to know him, It turned out, I was actually missing out on a lot of things. Every time, he enters the room, its like a firecracker going out. There is no conversation we have that is private, unless we have it in writing, because he is just too loud! 😛

But, if he stops talking, it seems the air around is missing something. So, there might be a ton of things going wrong in my life, but, there is one thing right and I am glad I let our friendship blossom because, life just got easier. 🙂

So thank you!