NO words!

I am generally a pretty positive person and an advocate for the progress of my country. but, today I have no words to those who think that this country is a dump. All I can do is shut up and hang my head low! There are no words to describe the agony, the anger and the disappointment that most Indians are feeling today.
The worse part is that a handful of mentalities have plagued our heads so bad that we can’t even see straight.
We ask our teachers to cover up if students are clicking pictures instead of  thrashing them for such horrible thinking at such an early age. the problem is we always relate shame with the victim in such cases and that is why the ones who do not think raping another woman or objectifying her is morally wrong, don’t think much about it because they would be welcomed back as heroes.
When this is being taught in schools, what else can we expect. We ask the girls to behave like Bhartiya Nari, so exactly what is this Indian Woman, we are so fond of !? Gullible, should consent to rape every time anyone wants, cuz lets face it women are public properties! that’s their role in this society! Everything else is only something men allow us now and then! This is the country where women are not worth more than a few cows! We have the cojones to criticize the Arabs for the way they treat their women? I feel they respect them in comparison to what we are doing! We are raping women and bullying women for getting raped and sending them to Ashrams and secluded places where no one knows them so they can crawl to death!? AND WE ARE NOT EVEN HONEST ABOUT IT!
If that is where it is going, then I truly wish that the world FUCKING ends in 2012!