Spiderman exists ONLY in Manhattan


Of course, he does and batman lives in Gotham city. Well, I didn’t say live, I said exists. What’s the difference? Well, loads. What I mean, when I say Spiderman exists only in Manhattan, is that a superhero exists only where there is problem to be solved. Now, you would be wondering why am I reiterating a very obvious fact. The reason is the order of cause and effect; we have it the other way round. It is not that Spiderman exists because there are problems, but because there are problems, Spiderman exists.

Whenever, we see a quagmire of issues, we need a superhero to pull us out of it. Given the current state of mind our country is in, I felt an incessant need to bring it up. There have been contradictory theories on how a leader is created. One pool of believers say that leaders are born, not created. You cannot imbibe leadership in anyone. Others say that it’s the need which forces certain group of people to react and lead.

India, especially has seen the latter kind of leaders more. Mahatma Gandhi, Dirubhai Ambani and these days Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. So, what makes the transition from a common man to an extraordinaire? Is it again an inborn quality or some special lesson they give out to a select few in school?

What I have observed is that countries in their deepest trouble have seen some real stars rising, like Martin Luther King, or Roosevelt. So, is it the troubles that create leaders, a superhero? because we don’t see them around in calmer times. What I mean is, one of the sufferers becomes the one to redeem us from it whenever the need arises. The same person who suffers with us till a particular threshold arrives and he transforms into Spiderman, saving us from all evil. So, is it all make-believe? Maybe, yes. Maybe, there is a leader in all of us, only the threshold varies…the amount of radioactive waste and when is it triggered.



so, i got up this morning and my mom asked me if I could accompany her somewhere. I didn’t have much to do,so as an obedient (bored more) daughter I agreed. What i had thought would be an afternoon of obligations and some amazing trash turned out to be one of the most well spent afternoons of my life. It was the national level science project exhibition exhibition for the Inspire award scheme by the Govt. of India. Hall no. 12 A and 11, pragati maidan were the ones i could visit but my oh my, it had about a thousand projects. the whole thing was divided into zones, north, north-east, east, middle and south. There were projects from places i hadn’t even heard of. way interior, small villages where innovative students had turned their disadvantages into smart solutions using the sheer power of imagination and logic.

Common entries like hydraulic cranes, volcanoes, waste water plants, bio gas plants and windmills were there, but what caught my eye was when a girl showed me she produced adhesive from cow dung! no kidding! the best part, the liquid she had made had brilliant adhesive strength and absolutely no smell or look of excreta. On one of the stalls, this kid asked me have you ever seen sound? I said no, have you? he told me yes, I will show you sound and he switched on his speaker phone which was connected to a tubelight containing semolina(sooji). Within seconds, the material started dancing with the waves, it was fantastic, i asked him to do it over and over. there were a few guys who produced electricity using a cycle wheel, a dynamo and a battery to be charged. this battery could then be used to light bulbs or charge phones. the funny thing was when i asked this guy what is the use of such projects when we have huge plants generating electricity and this kind of electricity could probably not sustain a whole village, he gave me a sly smile and told me,’didi, in my village, they charge you 10 bucks to charge your mobile phone because only the tehsildaar gets electricity at his home, when i go back, i will charge people 5 bucks to charge their phones, it will be my business‘.

the shine in each one’s eyes, the confidence to change the world in their own little ways was exhilarating. Having so many grass root level inventions around, i got in touch with the kid in me who was always a fan of magic!

this exhibition is on till 23rd of Oct, if anybody is interested and i believe if you like science, you should go…moreover, its free!