This can’t b right!

hello readers,

this piece of blog comes early in the morning, with a cup of great coffee. this morning i was reading an article on the Indian style of jugaad! i realized that not many engineers  actually remain in the country. Shocking?! Not really…we do produce a huge unfathomable not required size of engineers but at the same time are we really engineering?

its a question worth asking, you know! all the technology that we use is either loaned from a big shark outside India or developed by an Indian somewhere in foreign labs. the only research and development that successfully takes place is in defence or space research. 

talking about software development or telecommunication bits, we are really only relying on what the west has to offer. which is really humiliating because i don’t see a reason as to why must we not create something of our own, when we clearly have the capacity to. now, not everyone is going to agree with me, well, talking with experience, I am a communication engineer, and i am sitting at home waiting for my call from HCImageTL technologies when i wanted to really get into mobile communication.  however, everybody has been hit by slowdown. has innovation too? 

back in college, there were two substantial projects i was undertaking but we could not get them through because we didn’t have the appropriate test bench. even if we would have, it would be published somewhere and that’s it. 

what professional companies are looking for today are mules who can follow the ‘borrowed technology’ right till the last detail, which is ridiculous because some Indian has developed that technology sitting afar in some other countries’ lab.

Germans are famous for their car manufacturing, Americans have taken the software world, the Europeans and the Japanese following. the Middle east is taking real estate to a new level, hell, the Chinese have made their mark in creating doubles. and what are the Indians doing? we are manufacturing mules, because in spite of the fabulous brain pool we have here, we have zero balls to present the world with something because it is too inconvenient. 

if this continues, we will wipe off the engineer layer from the country and be once again only become a market which is ruled.

and that my friends, is the subtle irony of life!