what’s important?

all around the world, we have love stories ranging from the stone age. the pattern and the style of the story sure has changed,but, the essence remains the same. two people falling in love, getting over the odds, showing the power of their love to the world. It’s all the same.  then, we have the non-believers, who strictly believe that at the end of the day, nothing can be as giving as love portrays itself , not  at least between two strangers. finally, a last category, this one has maximum number of followers. the confused category. we don’t know if there is something as powerful as love, or it’s all just the hormones. we just like to believe in it when it is convenient and reject the idea totally when it hurts too much.

the question remains that even though in the modern world of technology and materialism, love suffocates some minds, it is still a very popular concept. what i am trying to emphasize here is, as i am pretty sure the entire confused category, if love is so trivial and not worth it, why would the entire world go gaga over it. now, come on, the entire world is not a bunch of teenagers. actual people who have accomplished some ground in the real sense, also talk about the ecstasy of going crazy about another person.

then, why is it so difficult to understand that love can be important too. i agree that all the money is important and all the fame, very enticing. but at the end of the day, it is also important to have somebody to go home to. someone, to share old age with.

love between children and parents, between two friends, between two people are all the same sense of the word, then why does it often take the tag of being trivial and not important. i guess, that’s the subtle irony of life.