I am fine!

it took me a while to write my first post, but better late than never right! the reason I took so long was the confusion as to what should I give out as my first impression. as it turns out, it generally doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself, the kind of impression you give out. why are we so plagued with the ‘what will they think’ syndrome when we can easily love what we want to and live how we want to. I know, now many of the readers will think to themselves, I never do this, I never think about others, I just do what I want. clearly, the fact that they try so hard to be different ┬ábecause they want to fit in doesn’t point due north. the point is to not try to move according to the trends. what I wear everyday is no body else’s business but my own. the harsh reality of life is no one really cares or frankly has the time to care about the people around them. taking the guilt of having eaten that extra cheesy mouth-watering sandwich to bed every night bothers only us. no one is counting your calories or judging your fashion sense(except a few) and even if they are, they probably wont even remember it the next day. but do we believe that? no, we don’t, everyday we get out of the house, we want to look our best. we want to put the best foot forward. why are we so afraid of showing our real colors to the world? why is it so important for us to be in a comfortable spot when it comes to other’s opinion.

no matter what any body says, they care, we all do. anybody saying otherwise would be lying. the rejection from your own kind has become so severe that we cannot enjoy one time’s meal without thinking of the after. how will this action affect your life? how will that decision change the course of your path? it matters.

the question is why? when the ultimate goal of our lives should be finding the stability in our heads, peace of mind, happiness, why do we do exactly the opposite to achieve them?

I guess that’s the subtle irony of life…